Lanny Forrester

Lanny Forrester Supports the US Armed Forces

 Lanny ForresterLanny Forrester knows that for the citizens of a prosperous country to be able to live a life of security, they must rely on the bravery and fortitude of the men and women who comprise their armed forces. Without a strong military infrastructure supported by courageous individuals, a country cannot ensure the personal security of its people. The United States is lucky enough to have a team of volunteers who make their life’s work keeping America and the world safe. Lanny Forrester strongly supports the American armed forces, and his son served as a marine for the past eight years, including spending a year-long tour in Iraq.

The courage of the American military and the willingness of its individuals to make personal sacrifices in the name of freedom and democracy has always impressed Lanny Forrester, so he was pleased when his son first expressed interest in joining a branch of the American military forces. Even though Lanny Forrester was apprehensive about the safety of his son, he was proud to see a member of his family joining a long-standing tradition of upstanding, hard-working career military personnel.

Lanny Forrester knows that a community can’t function unless individuals step up and contribute to its upkeep. Members of the United States armed forces have devoted their life to ensuring that ordinary Americans can continue to take advantages of the privileges and opportunities that most of us take for granted. They should know how much we appreciate what they do for us.

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